Tom Jennings recorded live in London thinking of a beach far away. Hollywood movie Overnight Delivery starring Reese Witherspoon featured Tom's song We Wish You A Lovely Day

EuroTunnel - 17/18 August 1989. Tom Jennings starred in the video that raised the money to build the EuroTunnel

TJ original song Lonesome Railroad Track.
Photoshoot:Northern California 1989

TJ original - Hair Of The Dog
Intro by Jack Nicholson in The Shining
TJ original - Some Days - Madness Tribute
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"Tom Jennings is one of London's most popular and in demand entertainers."
   Dawn Judd - Agent

Click to find out what Frank Lacy, singer and compere at The Cricklewood Trades Club in London, had to say to the audience after a TJ show: