Toms background is best summed up in the words of "My Fathers Song", which he wrote as a tribute to his dad, Jim, who passed away in 1987.

"I was born in Abbey in County Galway, a village near Loughrea
a child in Momma's arms waiting for the train
from Ballinasloe to the North Wall (Dublin) for England we were bound
Holyhead and down to Euston in the middle of London town

Daddy worked for us all though times were hard back then
he kept us all together through sunshine and the rain
the years went by I went to school and learned to sing and play
the songs of auld Ireland, so far away"...


Tom says, "I love my Irish heritage, I come from a family of Irish musicians and I love singing Irish songs. My uncles Percy, Fran, Barney and Algy who taught me my earliest Irish songs were also big country music fans. I still remember being mesmerised into listening, learning and singing along to what they played and sang. Auntie Connie was a brilliant Irish traditional fiddle player and she tried very hard to teach it to me when I was about 6 or 7, but it wasnt for me. Uncle Fran then suggested I should learn the guitar. Dad got me my first guitar and from then on I played and sang.  Uncle Barney was a great singer and I learned many of my early songs from him.   I think most musicians have broad tastes in music and I'm no exception so as well as Irish and Country music I also perform greatest hits of the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s 80s 90s etc. rock'n'roll, rock, blues, country, reggae, soul, disco, Beatles, Eagles, Joe Cocker, Rat Pack etc. I love great music and constantly seek out new material to present on the shows."
Tom Jennings music CV
Live experience over 20 years in pop, cabaret, rock, blues/soul/r&b and country bands.
Tom Jennings and his Nashville Session Band voted winners Best British Country Band Award (twice, in 1981 and again in 1983)
Appeared at Wembley Country Music Festival (twice, in 1980 and 1984)
Southwark Festival – 4 appearances in 4 years
Multi club-award winner
Tom Jennings original songs

Tom has written many songs and even had two of them: WE WISH YOU A LOVELY DAY and RUN WITH THE BESTpublished by EMI. They have both been used extensively in tv shows across the world and in the movies: We Wish You A Lovely Day was used in Overnight Delivery 1998with Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde and Walk The Line) and Paul Rudd (Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Divorcing Jack 1998 with David Thewlis (Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies).

Here is a selection for you to enjoy and even download for free.

We Wish You A Lovely Day - 18th Birthday Song
written by Tom and used in Hollywood movie Overnight Delivery 1998
Lonesone Railroad Track
written by Tom and photographed in Fresno, California in 1989
Hair Of The Dog - the only known cure for a hangover !
"Give me a Hair Of The Dog that bit me, my head is spinning round
my red eyes just wont see straight, my tongues down on the ground
Im all shakes and pains, what the hell did I drink last night
a Hair Of The Dog that bit me will make me feel alright..."
Tom wrote this song one morning when he felt like this!


This version of the song was recorded by Terry Connolly

A card arrived this morning and the words to me did say
I hope this finds you well, my son, on this blessed St Patricks Day
enclosed is some 3 leaf shamrock from good old Erins Isle
and if anyone asks whats on your mind you can answer with a smile

Sure, its just the Irish in me for the little bit of green
that tells everyone where I come from across the Irish Sea
Oh, I love to proudly wear it every March 17

Sure, its just the Irish in me for the little bit of green...


Written as a tribute to Philomena Begley after seeing her in concert. The lyrics are based around the titles of her hit songs: Truck Diving Woman" etc.

The place is packed out to the door
3 nights out on the first part of the tour
the band is all tuned up rarin to go
the curtains open wide and its on with the show

the boys play a song or two
then put your hands together well introduce to you
theres a great big cheer she steps into the light
Irelands Queen of Country Music is here in town tonight

Truck Driving Woman, Ramblin Man
The Queen of The Silver Dollar is home again
Its Once Around The Dance Floor, any old time
Irelands Queen of Country Music is here in town tonight...

Backing Tracks
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Tom Jennings has toured extensively the UK – Europe and USA
Latest YouTube video
Some Days - it just dont pay to get out of bed

Tom wrote this as a tribute to Madness - The song they never recorded !
Sorry! No dance, garage, house, rap, rave, hip-hop, techno, trance etc...just greatest hits.
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"Tom Jennings is one of London's most popular and in demand entertainers."
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